ATSC 3.0 for Future Broadcasting: Features and Extensibility


  • Sung -IK Park


A recent development of Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) 3.0 has made over-the-air services of a 4K ultra-high-definition and a simultaneous multiple high-definition soft-landed to the reality. However, ATSC 3.0 is in essence designed to be forward compatible, and is hence able to provide better extensible features to enrich the next media era beyond this initial deployment. This paper introduces several selected features of ATSC 3.0 that could play a prominent role in the near future. This investigation encompasses the optional technologies defined in ATSC 3.0 physical-layer which can improve single frequency network integrity, enable additional features in other domains, or further widen the throughput capability. Majorly focused on the extensibility of ATSC 3.0, we also elaborate on possible inter-network cooperation with broadband and cellular systems.


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Next-gen broadcast platforms and standards development