Future Vision of Interactive and Intelligent TV Systems using Edge AI


  • Alan LV Guedes TeleMídia/PUC-Rio


Deep Learning, Video Analysis, TV, Edge AI


Recently the Brazilian DTV system standards have been upgraded, called TV 2.5, in order to provide a better integration between broadcast and broadband services. The next Brazilian DTV system evolution, called TV 3.0, will address more deeply this convergence of TV systems not only at low-level network layers but also at the application layer. One of the new features address by this future application layer is the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies. Recently, there have been practical applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployed to improves TV production efficiency and correlated cost reduction. The success in operationalize and evaluate these applications is a strong indication of the interest and relevance of AI in TV. This paper present TeleMídia Lab’s future vision on interactive and intelligent TV Systems, which particularly focus on edge AI. Edge AI means use indevice capabilities to run AI applications instead of run them in cloud.


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